Who Is Lachlan Murdoch; Soon to be Chief of Fox and News Corp?

who is lachlan murdoch; soon to be chief of fox and news corp?

Lachlan Murdoch, son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch is set to take over as the new Chief of Fox and News Corp. With his father’s resignation, the moment Lachlan has been waiting for is finally here.

Rupert Murdoch announced that he will be stepping down from the post of Chairman of Fox and News Corp after almost 70 years. In his resignation letter, the media mogul announced that his eldest son Lachlan will become the chair of News Corp. With his new position, the oldest Murdoch son will continue to hold office as the CEO of Fox Corp.

Lachlan Murdoch will now be in charge of the massive media empire his father created. Lachlan was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Fox Corp in 2019, shortly after Disney acquired 21st Century Fox in 2018. Before the Fox and Disney merger, Lachlan served as executive chairman.

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Throughout his time in the family business, Lachlan rose to executive ranks at News Corp in the early 1900s and 2000s.

As Lachlan prepares to take over his father’s empire, there is very little dispute from the remaining Murdoch siblings – James and Elisabeth.

As per Associated Press, James Murdoch has distanced himself from the family business and politics. Elisabeth spent some time in the family business and News Corp but soon went on to pursue her own media venture. Elisabeth, Lachlan and James are Rupert’s kids from his second marriage.

Prudence Murdoch, Rupert’s oldest child from his first wife, has also not shown any interest in the family business. Chloe and Grace Murdoch, Rupert’s youngest children with his third wife, are students at Standford and Yale Universities, respectively.