WATCH | Hamas Rocket-Making Lab Uncovered In Gaza City Mosque, Claims IDF

watch | hamas rocket-making lab uncovered in gaza city mosque, claims idf

Tel Aviv: The Israel Defense Force (IDF) claimed that it unveiled a secret tunnel inside a Gaza City mosque. Apart from the tunnel, the Israeli military also found a rocket-making lab run by the terror outfit Hamas.

The Israeli military’s 188th Armoured Brigade, whose troops are on the ground in the Gaza counteroffensive. The troops found weapons and a tunnel entrance inside a mosque in Gaza City’s Zeitoun neighbourhood as part of their latest incursion in the area.

“A mosque, in the Zeitoun area, is used as a lab for weapons,” The Times of Israel quoted IDF Spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari as saying. Rear Adm. Hagari made the claims during an evening press conference on Monday.

As part of the Israeli ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, the troops of the 188th Armoured Brigade raided the religious structure and scanned it thoroughly, informed Rear Adm. Hagari. While speaking to the reporters, the IDF spokesperson Hagari, gave out real-time details of their findings. “Troops enter(ed) the mosque and carried out scans” to ensure there were “no traps.”

Thereafter, the IDF troops headed inside and found “a tunnel shaft and a staircase,” he added. In the basement, Hagari claimed that the troops found “a workshop for making rockets.”

“Terrorists manufacturing rockets in a mosque,” Rear Adm. Hagari declared during the press conference, while accusing Hamas of using religion as a source to expand its militancy.

He also alleged that Hamas used civilian sites for their terror activities, a charge that Israel often makes against the Palestinian libertarian militia. The IDF will continue with its persual to expose Hamas and its use of civilian sites for terror to the international community. The Times of Israel’s report mentioned the IDF’s claims while quoting its spokesperson.

Earlier, the IDF also claimed that it found a tunnel inside the al-Shifa hospital, one of the most prominent medical facilities in Gaza.