US Visa Wait To Reduce For Indians Due to THIS Move

us visa wait to reduce for indians as us plans for more consulates in india

New Delhi: The United States is hopeful to reduce the wait time for US Visa applicants in India. US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti has stated that with new consulate offices across the country, the visa processing time will be accelerated.

Speaking to reporters, the UN Envoy stated that new consulates will be set up in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad. Garcetti added that more staff has joined the Hyderabad consulate, which will help in reducing the visa backlog.

“Some more people have already joined the Hyderabad consulate as we are increasing the staff strength in the city and premises are being taken up in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad for setting up new consulates,” stated the US Envoy.

Garcetti also added that the number of US visas issued to Indians has gone up by one-third in recent weeks as part of efforts to clear the backlog.

The Ambassador added that the wait time for US visas for students and tourists has also come down from six months to a year, based on the type of application submitted to the US Embassy.

Garcetti shared that the number of backlogs increased due to the high number of applicants from India, hence it was “difficult” to keep up.

However, with more staff and new offices, the US will be focused on hastening the process of issuing visas to Indian Nationals.

Earlier this year in September, the US Embassy broke its record by issuing one million US visas to Indians. As per the official statement issued by the embassy, the number of US visas issued to Indians has surpassed the total number of visas processed in 2022 and compared to 2019 and pre-pandemic years, 20 percent more applications have been processed in 2023.