Toronto boy runs into Adam Sandler and Drake in one ‘unbelievable’ night

A young Toronto boy says he is still in shock after meeting Adam Sandler and Drake by chance in the same night.

Harrison, who is 11 years old, was out for dinner with his parents and brother in Yorkville last week celebrating his dad’s 50th birthday when the chance encounters happened.

“After we ate, we decided to go for a walk,” Harrison told CTV News Toronto on Thursday. “While we were walking, we went past this restaurant called ONE, and there’s just a bunch of paparazzi and a cool car.”

Harrison said he asked a paparazzo, who was inside the restaurant at the time, and was told it was Drake.

“We were like, ‘Oh, that’s cool. Let’s wait for Drake,’ and then 30 minutes later my brother yells ‘Is that Adam Sandler?'” Harrison said.

Harrison said Sandler walked by them and into a restaurant, but 15 minutes he came back out.

“I really wanted for a high five, and he gave it to me, and then we just started walking with them,” Harrison said. “And we’re walking with him and he just patted on my chest and said I was a good boy. It was awesome.”

Harrison’s mother, Shannon Shorten, said Sandler was making sure he interacted with everyone who wanted to meet him.

“He’s just walking so slowly, and you can tell that he’s a dad who just knows how much that would have meant to Harrison,” Shannon said. “You can tell by the look on Harrison’s face, it meant the world to him.”

But Sandler wasn’t the last celebrity Harrison would meet with that night.

“The next thing you know, we’re seeing Drake, and his bodyguards,” Harrison said. “I asked for a picture, and he gave me a little head nod before going into the restaurant.”

Shannon said the entire night was so unexpected, and that Harrison “hit the jackpot.”

“It was pretty unbelievable for us.”