‘They Want to Impeach Me Because…’: US President Biden Responds to House Impeachment Inquiry

'they want to impeach me because...': us president biden responds to house impeachment inquiry

Washington DC: US President Joe Biden has finally responded to the impeachment inquiry put forth by US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. In his first response, the US President has “brushed off” the Republicans’ attempt to shut down the government.

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser in Virginia, Joe Biden stated that this impeachment inquiry is just another attempt for Republicans to try and “shut down the government”.

Countering the inquiry, the US President stated that he would be focusing on “things the American people want me to be focused on”. “The best I can tell is they want to impeach me because they want to shut down the government,” Biden added.

This is Biden’s first response since Kevin McCarthy endorsed the impeachment inquiry against the US President. The House Speaker is also struggling to gather votes to finalise the budget and funds for the government to prevent a federal shutdown.

Why Was An Impeachment Inquiry Launched Against Biden?

US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had pressure from the House GOP to launch an impeachment inquiry against Biden. One of the primary reasons the inquiry was endorsed was due to the ongoing case against his son Hunter Biden and the Biden family finances.

The impeachment inquiry would allow all data to be presented in the open in front of the US Congress. House GOP has been trying to link Biden to Hunter’s business dealings, which also takes away attention from former President Doanld Trump’s current legal trials.

“There’s a lot of accusations out there you just want the answers to,” House Speaker McCarthy told reporters at the Capitol.

The White House had continued to deny the allegations against Hunter and the President. Furthermore, Republicans have not been able to find evidence suggesting that Joe Biden was involved in any of Hunter’s business dealings.