Racism In UK Hospital? Sikh Man’s Beard Tied With Gloves, Left In Urine

'racism' in uk hospital? sikh man's beard tied with gloves, left in urine

Allegations of racism within a UK hospital have emerged, as a Sikh man claims to have been subjected to severe mistreatment by nurses. The incident has raised concerns about what is being termed “institutional racism” within the healthcare system.

According to a report by The Independent, nurses allegedly tied the Sikh man’s beard and left him in a state where he had to endure his own urine. The victim, in a written complaint, detailed the appalling treatment he received, which included being served inedible food. Despite his complaints, the nurses reportedly continued with their duties without intervention.

“Nurses accused of tying a Sikh patient’s beard with plastic gloves, leaving him in his own urine and offering him food he couldn’t eat for religious reasons were allowed to carry on working despite the man complaining about discrimination in a note on his deathbed,” the report said.

“In the case of the Sikh patient, the case was initially closed by the NMC’s screening team. According to a source, the NMC staff members responsible for deciding whether to pursue an investigation failed to properly consider responses to the note, left by the patient and discovered by his family after his death. The note, written in Punjabi, claimed nurses had laughed at him, kept him hungry by only offering food which they knew he couldn’t eat and not responded to his call bell, causing him to wet himself and fall in his own urine,” it added.