Philly Journalist Josh Kruger’s Social Media Hints At Weeks Of ‘Harassment’ Before Murder

philly journalist josh kruger's social media hints at weeks of harassment before murder

Philadelphia journalist Josh Kruger was shot and killed by an intruder at his home in Point Breeze early Monday. Now, his old social media posts have resurfaced, suggesting that the 39-year-old was being “harassed” for weeks before his murder.

August 29:

Kruger shared several pictures of a dark-colored Ram 1500 pickup truck, explaining that the driver had “sent a heavy glass egg projectile through my front window.” He referred to the incident as a “seemingly targeted act” and asked for assistance in identifying the driver.


On Facebook, Kruger wrote that a person had entered his residence, looking for their boyfriend and identifying themselves as “Lady Diabla, the She-Devil of the Streets.” This post was not found on Kruger’s Facebook page after his death.

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October 1 (Hours before his murder):

Kruger shared photos of a notice that he received that said “How much longer before I hear from you?”

“These people are total creeps. I left them a voicemail explaining that my only plan for selling the house is after I’m dead when the Church gets it and that even if I were going to sell it I certainly wouldn’t do so to greedy ghouls who send cryptic, alarming postcards to people,” he captioned the pictures.

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Meanwhile, no arrests have been made in connection with his murder and cops have not covered any weapon. Reports suggest that the 39-year-old was shot seven times in the chest and abdomen. After the intruder fled the scene, Kruger, who was seriously injured, exited his home seeking neighbors’ help. He was rushed to Penn Presbyterian Hospital, where he succumbed to injuries.