Nepal civic group submits memorandum urging govt to reclaim China-encroached land – Details

Nepali civil society group Rastriya Ekata Abhiyan holds a demonstration against China

Nepali civil society group Rastriya Ekata Abhiyan holds a demonstration against China

Photo : IANS

Katmandu: A Nepali civic group on Tuesday submitted a memorandum to the government calling for the reclamation of land occupied by China. Earlier in February this year the Rastriya Ekata Abhiyan had handed over a memorandum to the United Nations accusing the neighbouring country of encroaching on Nepal‘s land in Humla district. It has also urged the international community to take note of ‘Chinese land grabbing’ in neighbouring countries and intervene.

“The encroachment in various areas of the Nepal-China border, including Ruila, in violation of international law and values, is not only an insult to the friendship between the two countries but also a direct challenge to the sovereignty of Nepal,” president Binay Yadav said in the memorandum.

A REA delegation had handed the memo over to the Minister of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation yesterday. The civic body also drew Minister’s attention to the latest incursion of China whereby the Beijing side has erected a fence at the Ruila border of Chumanubri Rural Municipality-1 in Gorkha without coordinating with the opposite side.

The REA, in the past, had demonstrated against Chinese encroachment on Nepali territory, and China’s overt interference in Nepali politics in Kathmandu, and several other cities. Nepal and China have some boundary related issues in Humla, Gorkha, Shankhuwashaba districts.

In order to resolve the boundary related disputes and differences with China, the Nepal government had last week proposed to activate existing boundary related mechanisms whose official decision has not met yet. Yadav lauded the current government for the steps taken against encroachments on the Nepal-China border, even as he noted that it was a persisting issue.

Earlier in June, local media reports had indicated that China had built a fence next to the no-man’s-land in Northern Gorkha. Reportedly the structure had been built without abiding by any of the criteria to be followed while constructing the structure at the border. Neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor Gorkha’s District Administration Office appear to be aware of the Chinese side’s illegal occupation at the Ruila border.

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