Javier Milei: Why Argentina President-Elect Is Called ‘Chainsaw Man’

javier milei: why argentina president-elect is called 'chainsaw man'

Javier Milei is set to become the new president of Argentina after his opponent finance minister Sergio Massa conceded defeat in a press conference on Sunday night. The voting took place on paper ballots, hence the final result will take time.

“Argentinians have chosen another path,” Massa said in a press conference. The 51-year-old added that he called Milei to congratulate him on his victory. The finance minister also announced his decision to retire from frontline politics.

After Massa’s speech was over, the Argentine electoral authority released partial results. It said that 86.6% of the total votes were tallied and Milei led by 55.95% and Massa had 44.04%.

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Javier Milei is popular for being a vocal Donald Trump supporter and Argentina’s ‘chainsaw man’.

Why Chainsaw Man?

Javier Milei had a unique campaign style, which includes using a chainsaw as a symbol. He said it was to “cut through” government bureaucracy and waste. The 53-year-old said that the power machine represented his intention to “shred” unnecessary spending.

Argentina went into polls with voters looking for a solution to triple-digit inflation and rising poverty.

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Milei has used the chainsaw during his rallies to make other gestures too. He also used it to cut through a red tape barrier and using it to “break down” a cardboard model of the Argentine government. While several leaders praised his eye-catching communication method, some have called it ‘extremist and violent’.

Now that he is there, ready to take on the job, several videos of his campaigns showing Milei using the chainsaw are going viral.