Italy to hold elections in September after PM Mario Draghi resigns: Report

Flag of Italy

Flag of Italy

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Rome: Italy will hold early elections as President Sergio Mattarella dissolved parliament. Earlier in the day, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigned from the post. The announcement was made by Mattarella in an address to the country after accepting Draghi’s resignation.
“I signed the decree for the dissolution of the chambers in order for new elections to be called within the 70-day deadline set by the constitution,” the Italian President said.

According to news agency AFP, elections in Italy will take place on September 25 this year. ON Wednesday, Dradgi urged all the parties of the National Coalition to work together for the country.

However, three parties — Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right Forza Italia, Matteo Salvini’s anti-immigrant League and the populist Five Star Movement, refused to work together. They also did not participate in a confidence vote on Draghi’s government.
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The Italian President also asked political forces to act sensibly and in a constructive way during the short campaign. The outgoing cabinet will remain in office until the new government is formed.

Notably, Draghi is the third PM since the election of Parliament, in 2018. Parliament’s five-year term was scheduled to be expired in March next year. Draghi, a former European Central Bank chief, became the Prime Minister in February last year. He took over from Giuseppe Conte, the 5-Star leader.

Draghi became prime minister at a time when Italy was struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic and ailing economy. was given the responsibility to carry out the reforms so that Italy could get the European Union’s largest tranche of the post-COVID-19 pandemic funds.