Italy Political Crisis: Three ruling coalition parties refuse to back Prime Minister Mario Draghi

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi (File image)

Photo : AP

Rome: Three parties of Italy‘s ruling coalition refused to take part in a confidence vote on Prime Minister Mario Draghi‘s government. The three parties which refused to vote in the confidence vote are the centre-right Forza Italia party, the far-right League and the populist Five Star Movement.

The development came after negotiations to find common ground failed, reported AFP. It intensified the political crisis in the country. The confidence vote was called by Draghi in the upper house of the parliament. Last week, Draghi survived a no-confidence vote in the Italian Senate. However, the populist 5-Star Movement (5SM) boycotted the vote.

The Italian Prime Minister managed to get 172 votes in his favour, while 32 votes were polled against him. After surviving the no-confidence vote, Draghi tendered his resignation. However, Italian President Sergio Mattarella refused to accept his resignation and asked him to address Parliament.
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Notably, Draghi is the PM since the election of Parliament, in 2018. In case the Italian President accepts Draghi’s resignation, it will lead to early elections later this year. Parliament’s five-year term expires in March. Draghi became the Prime Minister in February last year. He took over from Giuseppe Conte, the 5-Star leader.

Draghi was given the responsibility to carry out the reforms so that Italy could get the European Union’s largest tranche of the post-COVID-19 pandemic funds. However, High inflation and skyrocketing energy costs are hurting the industry. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Italy took a strong pro-EU line. Draghi backed the EU’s sanctions against Russia and military aid for Ukraine.