Global series: Countries in combat

Chilean peacekeepers prepare to depart Haiti, where hurricanes and unstable governance have become major threats to the peace and safety of the populace. United Nations Photo / flickr, CC BY-ND

Thus far, the 21st century is shaping up to be a killer. From Syria’s heartbreaking civil conflict to the virulent drug wars ripping apart Mexico and the Philippines, the global death toll of war is swelling – sometimes steadily and sometimes in spikes but always inexorably.

The Conversation Global is dedicated to covering the conflicts reshaping and destabilising this world. Our series Countries in combat brings together the past year’s most-read reporting on peace and security, written by the world’s top experts.

Is Mexico actually the world’s second most murderous nation?

A controversial report claims that Mexico is more violent than Afghanistan and Yemen. It’s wrong on the details but right that the cartel-ravaged country is, in effect, a war zone.

Forget sanctions – we need a new approach to North Korea

North Korea’s increased nuclear sabre-rattling has the world on edge. Since sanctions and warnings have failed to stop Pyongyang’s belligerence, it’s time for something more drastic.

How the Philippines went from “People Power” to Duterte

The people of the Philippines brought down a dictator without resorting to violence 30 years ago. But continuing disappointment with their democracy means they now support a populist president.

Women are being traded as slaves on WhatsApp

Slavery is making a comeback, thanks to extremist groups like the Islamic State and Boko Haram. The United Nations can – and must – help.

How agonising images from Aleppo could change future wars

The heartbreaking photography we’ve seen coming out of Aleppo in recent years could play an important role in shaping the discourse about the world’s responsibility to protect.

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