Fact Check: Did Snoop Dogg Ask Viewers to ‘Not Vote’ For Trump in Viral Video?

fact check: did snoop dogg ask viewers to 'not vote' for donald trump in viral video?

A video showing rapper Snoop Dogg asking viewers ‘not to vote’ for former President Donald Trump has gone viral on social media. The artist, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., is receiving online flak for the expletive-laden clip.

The TikTok video posted on Ian Jaeger’s X (formerly known as Twitter) account, has been viewed thousands of times. Talking to his followers, Snoop Dogg admits that he is not a political savant but knows enough not to vote for Donald Trump. He calls the former President a ‘punk’. He then describes people who would willingly choose to cast their ballot for the leading Republican candidate as ignorant and misguided fools.

Watch the clip:

“I want to say this real quick, I don’t know political s**t. Ain’t no f**king way y’all could vote for Donald Trump when he comes back up again. If y’all do vote for him, y’all some stupid mother f**kers,” the rapper says in the video. “I’m saying that to y’all early. This punk mother f**ker don’t care. Don’t vote for that n**ger please don’t.”

Fact check:

The video is not a recent one. It was recorded by Snoop Dogg in 2019 amidst a partial government shutdown as Trump was president. The rapper was talking about re-electing him in 2020, not 2024.

Snoop Dogg is being trolled on social media, mostly by Trump’s followers.

“Take a seat Snoop. Nobody gives a rat’s ass what you have to say,” a Twitter user wrote.

“I Wonder if Snoop is doing this for attention or he genuinely doesn’t want Trump to become president,” another one added.