Ethiopia forces kill 85 al Shabaab fighters near Somalia, state TV and commander say

Ethiopia forces kill 85 al Shabaab fighters

Ethiopia forces kill 85 al Shabaab fighters


Regional forces in southeast Ethiopia killed 85 al Shabaab militiamen during border clashes on Monday, the state broadcaster and a regional commander said, days after the insurgents staged rare raids in the area.
The fighting adds to the security headaches for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as he tries to quell an insurgency in Oromiya region, pacify disgruntled paramilitary groups in Amhara region, and start peace negotiations with the rebellious northern region of Tigray.
Forces from Ethiopia’s Somali region killed 85 al Shabaab fighters, and wounded and captured more in the Ferfer district near the border with Somalia, broadcaster etv said.

A commander with Somali regional forces, who asked not to be identified, said 85 al Shabaab fighters had been killed. Reuters could not reach al Shabaab’s spokesperson for comment.

He said his forces had killed 243 al Shabaab fighters in total since the al Qaeda-linked group raided two villages last Wednesday and that 22 of his own troops had died.