Dua Lipa speaks out for the first time since unauthorized fireworks went off at Toronto show

English pop singer Dua Lipa says she was “shocked” and “confused” by the unauthorized fireworks set off during her Toronto concert on Wednesday night.

“Creating a safe and inclusive space in the crowd at my shows is always my first priority,” Lipa wrote in a post on social media on Thursday.

“My team and I are just as shocked and confused by the events as you all are.”

She confirmed there is an ongoing investigation into the events that took place at Socitiabank Arena late Wednesday night.

At around 11:40 p.m., Toronto police said they received reports that an audience member threw a firework at the end of the concert.

Videos on social media show several rounds of colourful fireworks launching into the concert venue from what appears to be the back section of the floor level.

Witnesses say Dua Lipa was performing her final song of the show when the fireworks went off and that she appeared to be surprised.

Three people suffered minor injuries and were seen by medics at the venue, according to police.

“Everyone involved is working hard to find out how this incident occurred. Bringing this show to life for fans has been an amazing experience, and I’m so deeply sorry for anyone who was scared, felt unsafe or whose enjoyment of the show was affected in any way,” Lipa said.

With files from CP24’s Kerrisa Wilson