Dill pickle vodka recalled in Ontario due to ‘pieces of glass’

A dill pickle flavoured vodka is being pulled off shelves in Ontario after pieces of glass were found inside at least one bottle.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issued a recall of Sask Prairie brand Dill Pickle Flavoured Vodka on Aug. 8, warning retailers and customers not to use, sell or distribute the product.

The recall was issued “due to pieces of glass,” the CFIA said. It is unclear how much glass was found or in how many bottles.

The recalled product was sold in Ontario, the agency said, and is specifically for the 750 ml bottles of the spirit.

The CFIA has labelled the recall as Class 3, which according to their website means there is a “low risk that consuming the food may result in any undesirable health problems.”

“This class also includes food that do not pose a health risk, but that do not comply with legislation,” the website says.

The beverage was produced by Minhas Sask Ventures. CTV News Toronto has reached out to the company to determine how many products are impacted by the recall.