DDos cyberattack by pro-Russian cyber gang Killnet hit Romanian websites


Cyberattck (Representational image)

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Bucharest: Romanian government on Friday claimed cyberattacks on websites of public institutions, including the Defence Ministry. Romania’s cybersecurity agency said that the pro-Russia cybercrime group attacked the government websites over its support to Ukraine against Russia’s invasion.

Romania’s National Cybersecurity Agency in a statement said that A series of attacks hit “public institutions and private entities”. The agency claimed that the official websites of the border police, defence ministry and railways were affected by the DDoS attack.

According to Romania’s cybersecurity agency, multiple requests were sent to websites to overload their servers. A government press release said, “This morning, accessing the sites gov.ro, mapn.ro and politiadefrontiera.ro [Border Police], cfrcalatori.ro [National RailRoads] and the financial institution’s websites were affected by a series DDOS cyber attacks.”

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As per a report by news agency AFP, the country’s cybersecurity agency said that a group called “Killnet” posted a message on Telegram claiming that they had carried out the attacks because of “Romania’s support for Ukraine in the military conflict with Russia”.

After receiving the information about the cyber attack, authorities swung into action. The Romanian government’s IT specialists are working to restore the affected websites. The Romanian defence ministry said that the cyber attack blocked users’ access to the website. It also confirmed that the attack did not compromise the website’s working.

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Romania’s intelligence service (SRI) said the cybercriminals had carried out the attack by taking control of equipment operating outside the country. The SRI also claimed that recently the Russian cyber gang had also targeted official websites of the various countries, including the United States, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the Czech Republic, Poland and Estonia. Last week, the US had warned of massive Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine allies.