At least 20 people, including 3 children, killed in Russian strikes in Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia


Russian strikes kill 20 in central Ukraine

Photo : IANS

Kyiv: Amid the raging war in eastern Europe, at least 20 people, including three children, were killed in Russian strikes in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia on Thursday.
As many as 90 people were wounded, half of them seriously, after three rockets hit the centre of Vinnytsia, said the Ukrainian Police.

“Currently, 20 people are known to have been killed as a result of a rocket attack on the city, including three children. 90 people have sought help from medical institutions,” Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko posted on Telegram.

According to a Ukrainian official, the midday attack on the city hundreds of kilometres from the frontlines and invading Russian troops came as EU officials convened in The Hague to discuss war crimes in Ukraine.

“At least 17 people have died, including two children. Dozens are injured. Residential buildings, and administrative and commercial buildings have suffered significant destruction and damage,” AFP quoted Ukraine’s prosecutor general as saying in a statement.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who had called for a tribunal in The Hague to hold Moscow accountable for war crimes, described Russia as a “killer country” after the attack.

“Every day, Russia kills civilians, kills Ukrainian children, carries out missile attacks on the civilian facilities where there is no military target. What is this, if not an open act of terrorism?” the Ukraine leader said on social media.