Afghanistan: Taliban fighters miss jihad days; says govt jobs made them internet addicts, city dwellers with little money – READ HERE

afghanistan: taliban fighters miss jihad days; says govt jobs made them internet addicts, city dwellers with little money - read here

Kabul: Long gone are the days when rode horses carrying RPGs and machine guns. They are no longer needed to plan ambushes or detonate bombs for the Taliban. Instead, they have become officials of the body running the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan — each with a designated office space and role to play. And many of the erstwhile “Jihadis” are hating it. They wish the war was not over and they were expected to do what they excel at –aim, shoot and flee!

Taliban warriors have become regular government staff ever since the US forces left Afghanistan a couple of years ago. Ever since the war ended, many of them have been pulled out of the field and entrusted with a computer. And most find these computer jobs “boring”, and have grown tired of “spending all their time on Twitter, high rent, and commutes to work,” US media house Vice quoted sources as saying.

A Taliban fighter, who used to be an expert sniper during the years of war, reportedly told the non-profit research agency Afghanistan Analytics Network that his life was simple and free while waging jihad against the invaders and their puppet government.

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Another fighter lamented how mundane his life has become after being part of the system responsible for running the country and feeding its people. “People didn’t expect much from us, and we had little responsibility towards them, whereas now if someone is hungry, he deems us directly responsible for that,” he was quoted as saying by Vice.

Many of the fighters who moved to the capital city from the countryside of Afghanistan missed their family. Due to the hefty rents, they are in no position to bring their family to Kabul, they point out. While they would have lived a happy life with their payscale in the villages, Kabul’s expensive lifestyle has got them trapped in leading very ordinary lives. While some have issues with the busy traffic of the city, others claim the wifi facility has made them addicted to the internet.

“You have to go to the office before 8:00 AM and stay there till 4:00 PM. If you don’t go, you’re considered absent, and the wage is cut from your salary,” another fighter reportedly said.

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And not showing up at work is not an option either. The ex-jihadis, who once risked their lives fighting the mighty US, now find themselves easily replaceable. With the days of fighting long gone, there are plenty of “nerds” who would happily take over their office space and work for a lesser salary. And their bosses don’t have a problem replacing the men, who used to be ferocious fighters.

Who thought victory would sour like this?