$55M, $70M winning Lotto Max tickets still unclaimed in Toronto

There are currently two multi-million Lotto Max prizes sold in Toronto yet to be claimed, the OLG says.

One, worth $55-million, is from Friday’s draw and the other, worth $70-million, was sold on June 28.

In addition to these grand prizes, an encore prize winning ticket from last night’s draw, worth $100,000, is waiting to be claimed after being sold somewhere in Chatham-Kent.

The next Lotto Max draw will take place on Tuesday.



The winner has one year from the draw date to claim their prize which means they have exactly two weeks from today to achieve millionaire status.

In an email to CTV News Toronto, the OLG External Communications Director Tony Bitonti said it’s uncommon for a winning ticket this valuable to not be spoken for.

If the $1-million ticket holder does not show up before the two-week deadline, Bitonti said the unclaimed money will be returned to players through future bonus games or promotions.

“It is rare for $1 million prize to not be claimed, it’s usually the smaller prize amounts that go unclaimed,” Bitonti said.

He said while there are a number of reasons a winning ticket doesn’t get redeemed, it’s usually because it’s been misplaced or forgotten.

“Many tickets are forgotten in kitchen drawers or in jacket pockets (especially when the seasons change). For example, you buy your ticket on a particularly cold spring day and put it in a jacket pocket, but then the weather turns warm and the jacket goes into the closet and the ticket is forgotten,” he said.

With files from Phil Tsekouras.